C Programming

C Program to Check Armstrong Number

In this article, you will learn to check a given number is an Armstrong number or not using the c program. What is an Armstrong...


JavaScript splice() method

The splice() method is a method in JavaScript that allows you to modify an array by removing or replacing elements, or adding new elements...

JavaScript sort() method

The sort() method in JavaScript works by comparing the elements of an array using a given comparison function, and rearranges the elements in ascending...

JavaScript slice() method

The slice() method is a method in JavaScript that returns a new array that is a shallow copy of a portion of an existing...

JavaScript filter() method

The filter() method is a built-in JavaScript function that allows you to apply a condition to each element in an array and create a...

JavaScript concat() method

In this article, you will learn about the JavaScript contact method. The concat method in JavaScript is a built-in function that merges two or...

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